The Sweet Swede
The Sweet Swede

Welcome to The Sweet Swede online store!  Our goal is to make YOU everyone's favorite gift giver.  To that end, we offer homemade gourmet fudge, chocolates and special imported confections all beautifully presented and exquisitely delicious.  Shop our store in Lindstrom, Minnesota or shop here online - and don't forget to treat yourself too!

Where is the online store?  We are working hard to update our online store in preparation for holiday shopping.  The online store will re-launch by November 1.  Until then, feel free to call  (651-213-3199) or email us ( with an order.

Lingonberry Chocolate Fudge ~
The Sweet Swede's claim to fame!

Creamy, smooth chocolate up front with a berry finish.  Made with imported lingonberries that are mashed and blended into a semisweet chocolate.  Pairs especially well with a fine red wine or port.  


Store Hours
Wed - Sat
10:00 AM -
6:00 PM

Store Location
2710 Lake Boulevard
Lindstrom MN  55045

651 213 3199


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